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My name is Michelle Elizabeth and I invented the Effortless Extensions.

My name is Michelle Elizabeth and I invented the Effortless Extensions.

I’ve always been a chameleon of sorts, changing my hair color and style as often as possible. Until that fateful day 7 years ago when my hair revolted and began breaking off…

“We have to cut it” My hairstylist confirmed holding the bottom six inches of my straw like ends up in front of the mirror.

“All of it?”

“All of it. And you need to stop coloring it for a while too”

I reluctantly agreed and sat devastated as I watched my long hair fall to the salon floor.

Later in the privacy of my own bathroom, I stared at the tear streaked face staring at me in the mirror. “I hate it! I want my hair back!”

Later that week I went back to the salon in search of answers.

My hairstylist was adamant that permanent Extensions were not the answer, we’d cut off all my hair in hopes of starting over, why take the risk of further damaging my hair?

“These won’t damage your hair as much as permanent Extensions and they’re a lot less expensive.”  She explained handing me a set of clip-ons.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I muttered as she laid 2 packages of clip on hair wefts in front of me that contained 14 pieces each.

“All you have to do is part your hair, tease the roots, spray and then clip each of these in to your hair.”


“Most women use these for special events.” She explained.

“My life is a special event. And I need to wear these every day until my hair grows back!” I insisted.

Back in the comfort of my own home, I locked myself in the bathroom and removed all 28 hair wefts from their packaging. I parted my hair and began teasing, spraying and clipping. This took a lot of finesse and time. I spent more than an hour working on my hair, and when I was done, I looked exactly like the female version of Einstein – only worse.

It was horrible. I stood there looking at myself and realizing “There has got to be an easier way.”

After I unclipped the wefts from my head I decided if I couldn’t buy an Extension that was easy to wear I’d just make one…

Night after night I played with new ideas and night after night I went to bed discouraged until the day I was just about ready to give up, when my sons fishing gear caught my eye!   Immediately I knew how to to configure the Extensions and back to work I went. I wore my new creation for 4 months, never telling my family or friends that I had it on.  (and NO ONE KNEW)!

When I went back to my stylist, she commented on how great my hair looked and came over to run her hands through my hair. She said “Your hair looks fantastic, what have you been doing?  it looks great!” I said, “Oh well I am glad you like it,” I jokingly said, “you too can have hair like mine, let me show you” at that point I placed my finger under the monofilament, and slipped it off of my hair. She began to scream! “Where did you get that, this is awesome, I have never seen anything like it, I want one!”  Needless to say, she was my first customer!

That was more than 7 years ago and after I patented the Effortless Extensions design I went to work to solve my next challenge.

I’d always loved the look and feel of real human hair but to be honest I always wondered where all this human hair was coming from and how it was being acquired… It bothered me I was wearing someone else’s hair and I always wondered if they had sold their hair willingly…

So I was elated when I found a synthetic that looked and felt as good as real human hair, and could be blown dry, curled and flat ironed!

After numerous side by side tests where women chose our FEELsoREAL synthetic  over real human hair, I had my answer , FEELsoREAL synthetic  gave myself and my clients the freedom to wear Effortless Extensions without the guilt of wearing real human hair- for ethical reasons.

I designed the FEELsoREAL product line for EVERY woman.

Regardless of your hair texture there is a product for you, the line is available in both silky smooth and course textures. Effortless Extensions comes in 7 different styles ranging  from straight to wet and wavy- so no matter what style you want  we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for length or volume, now slipping on long hair is as simple as slipping into your favorite jeans! It’s EFFORTLESS.


Michelle Elizabeth